Thursday, 11 July 2013

CMM72 | Monochromatic

Working with a single colour tone can really make a card stand out. It lets you play with many shades, without getting too complicated or fussy by using too many different colours. 
I have chosen to use what I think of as true monochrome: black & white/grey-scale. 

First I made a black square card, then folded the front back on itself to create a more interesting shape. Then I cut some patterned paper to fit the back section and glued into place. 
I printed a fairy digi-stamp (free download via Simply Cards & Papercraft), plus a sentiment and different-sized stars onto white card. I cut the stars out using a craft knife so I could use them as stencils. 
I coloured the fairy with watercolour pencils and water then allowed to dry. Once dry, I decorated with black and white glitter to add detail and glued to the front panel of the card, overlapping slightly.  I then glued the sentiment to the bottom right corner of the back panel. 
Using the stencils, I placed stars and first drew with pencil so I could re-position if necessary. I then drew over the lines with white pen. I filled the stars on the back panel with PVA glue then covered with white glitter.  Once dry this went a bit see-through and didn't stand out that well, so I outlined with black pen. 

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