Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tea Light Gift Card Envelope Tutorial

Now you've made the Tea Light gift card, you'll want to make an envelope for it.  You could make a simple box envelope, but I like them shaped so there isn't a lot of empty space.
Step-by-step instructions as follows:

1. Cut a piece of card to 30x18cm and score as per the following template:
The card will then look like this:
2. Now use a metal ruler and craft knife to cut out the shaded areas. 
3. You can now fold all the score lines and glue the box together.  I used double-sided tape for this. (N.B. The tabs on the left should overlap the tabs on the right when you stick them together).  Your envelope should look like this: 
4. Trim the overlapping areas to neaten the edges. 
5. Tie some twine around the base of a large brad, then pierce the centre of the closing tab and push the brad through. 
6. Die-cut/punch a small circle (around 2.5cm. Or you can use a small stamped image or topper) and pierce at the top.  Close the envelope and pierce about 1cm away from the brad in the closing tab.  Push another brad through the circle and the hole in the envelope. 
7. To close, wrap the twine around underneath the circle and pull tight.  Cut the twine so there is enough to do this and thread on a bead or two to finish. 

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