Sunday, 9 February 2014

Light Tent

I've been taking all my craft photos just using what England calls natural light (not much sun around lately) and a couple of bits of white scrapbook card. They look OK but not really good enough, especially when trying to sell on Etsy.  So I thought I'd invest in a pop-up light tent.  
I found one pretty cheap on eBay and have just been experimenting with it.   Although they do still need a little bit of a touch-up in Photoshop, the results are so much better. 


You can see there are harsh lines and contrasting colour where the two pieces of card meet, plus the colour isn't great and there are shadows. 


The background does show a little where the fabric gets folded and still ends up slightly different colours after Photoshopping, but overall it is a much better photo. 

This is the first time I have used the tent and I am pleased with the results. I just need some more practice with lighting and camera position etc. 

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