Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Hello again!

It was a little while between my last couple of posts, but this time it's been even longer!
A lot has happened since February 2015 - my baby girl is almost two and my little boy is five; in March 2015 we made a big move from England to Canada. My craft stash spent months on a boat and is now piled in boxes under the stairs. So for the past year and a bit I haven't done a lot of cardmaking. I have ventured into the world of upcycling Mason jars and glass bottles, plus I made a few little canvas pictures for my husband's work colleagues at Christmas.   
I am gradually getting back into making cards and have joined a Facebook challenge group as this is quicker and easier for me than blogging at the moment. 
I will try to blog some more as I do have some wonderful pop-up box cards to share.

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I am always trying to learn new techniques and improve my cardmaking and colouring skills, so your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.
Many thanks, Nicola x

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